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A little something about me.

I've been a copywriter since 2003. I started writing stories when I was twelve years old and wrote my first novel when I was twenty-two. A couple of years after that, I published a collection of fiction stories. Eventually, I got involved in film – writing some scripts and writing, directing and producing a short film that was picked up for distribution.


Then, in 2003, I moved to Prague, where I still live. Needing to make money, I started copywriting and have been a freelance copywriter, concept developer and creative director ever since. Along the way, I also spent a few years working as a fashion and commercial photographer and taught myself design.


In addition to my freelance copywriting work, I help small businesses and startups brand and market themselves through my company, Mongrel Strategic Branding & Marketing. As a core component of Mongrel, I've created what I call the Mongrel Method – a 10-step system for strategically building small business brands.


I love helping companies clarify and get to the core of their message, then turning it into copy that will resonate with people. I particularly enjoy taking complex ideas and stripping them away to their core essence.


I've worked with sole proprietors, small businesses, startups, major regional players and global giants. The great thing about the internet is that I can help companies all over the world without barriers.


I love hiking, biking, and skiing, but these days, my life revolves around my work and my family. That's me with my daughter.

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