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Don’t let your customers click off.

Compelling copywriting makes the difference between a customer who clicks “Buy” and one who clicks off and moves on.


You could have the greatest, most life-changing product in the world. Or the most needed service at the best price imaginable. You might have your targeting nailed down flush. And your sales funnel may be as smooth as silk and effortless as sleeping in on Sunday morning. But use the wrong words and all that blood, sweat and toil you’ve put into bringing your business to market will be thrown to an endless universe of failed dreams.


My name is Brian Fleming. I’m here to make sure that doesn’t happen. I translate the value your product or service offers into a vivid, compelling image. Then I implant that image in the minds of your customers in a way that makes them ready to click “Buy”.

Ready to (have me) write?

"Brian is a true star! He was able to zone in on the most important ideas in my head."


"It was like I did 80% of the work to express only 20% of the idea, while he did the remaining 20% of the work to add the other 80% of the idea and realize its full potential!"

– Fredrik Lyhagen

   CEO & Founder, Mindcore Academy

Result-oriented copywriting.

What you say matters. How you say matters even more. What you want to achieve by what you say, that matters the most.

Why should people buy your product or service? One reason: because it fulfills a desire they have and adds value to their lives – whether they know it or not. But translating that into words that spark an emotion isn’t easy.


I create irresistible value propositions that show people exactly why your product or service matters to them. That way they don’t go rushing from your landing page in the first five seconds in search of something more exciting.

Show people how you’ll make their lives better.

Get eye-to-eye with your customers.

Most companies make the same mistake. And there’s a good chance your business is making it too. They talk about themselves – about their great achievements, their awesome ideas, their detailed product features, their faultless service. All good selling points, but not the reason customers click “Buy”.


What you should be talking about is the customer. About their hopes and desires and the challenges and obstacles their facing. About how your product or service will help them meet those challenges and overcome those obstacles. And how it will improve their life or business.


Start talking that way and your customers will start clicking “Buy”.

Start selling more of your products or services.

A customer has a problem that needs solving. Your product or service solves that problem. It’s a match made in business heaven. But only if you meet someplace where the two of you can get to know each other.


Effective copywriting makes sure you not only meet, but get a chance to look deep into each other’s eyes and talk comfortably, honestly and effortlessly.


Whether you need brand spankin’ new copy, rewrites of weak or ineffective copy or alternate copy for A/B testing, I’ll make your customer feel so comfortable that clicking “Buy” will be as easy as a Hollywood kiss.

Bad copywriting could be killing your sales potential.

You may not know it, but what you’re saying and how you’re saying it could be turning customers off like a bad date.


I’ll make sure you say all the right things to close the deal.

"Brian has an intuitive sense of how to connect with customers."


"He and his team helped us on a number of projects, including our extremely successful X-mas video and our website. He shaped our whole website story and content flow, advised on the structure of the user experience and delivered everything in an extremely short time."


– Hynek Bartik

   Group Marketing Manager, P3 Logistics

What you get when you hire me.

I follow a straight-forward process that works. And I like to work with people who are straight-forward.

Review, Questionnaire & Consultation

I start by having a look at your website to identify problem points. I like to do this before I know anything about your business, so I see it with a fresh eye the way the customer does.


Sometimes it’s just a matter of writing powerful headlines. Other times entire pieces of text need to be rewritten. And sometimes your page needs to be completely restructured. But whatever needs to be done, it needs to match your goals and strategy.


To understand those, I’ll send you a questionnaire about your business, your goals, what you’ve tried in the past, your target audience, your competition, your positioning. Those things. If you don’t have a strategy, no worries, I can help with that too.


After that, we’ll hop on a call for a more in-depth conversation about how I can help you connect with your audience and reach your goals .

Unique Value Proposition & Core Offer

Every landing page or website has to have an offer, otherwise there’s no point. And every offer starts with a unique value proposition that addresses the following five questions in a compelling, attention-getting way:


  • What problem do you solve?

  • For whom do you solve it?

  • How do you solve it?

  • What are the expected results?

  • What are the benefits of those results?


Not to toot my own horn too much here, but my clients have told me that the single greatest value I provide them is being able to see into their minds and concisely structure and articulate their thoughts in a way they couldn’t find the words for.


My next greatest value is turning those thoughts into compelling headlines and copy.

Content Structure &

User Experience

Once we have your value proposition and core offer down, I’ll start structuring your content in a way that’s clear, concise and logical.


I can’t say this enough, structure is the basis of all powerful communication. Without it, you’ll sink like the Titanic. If you doubt me, try watching a movie in random clips and see how satisfying it is.


So, yeah, I’m obsessed with structure, and it could be I tell you to restructure your entire site. You won’t like to hear it, nobody does, but I’m here to help you sell, and if that’s what it takes, then that what it takes.

First Draft & Revisions

Once we have the structure in place, I write the copy to fit it. That will take about two weeks for smaller projects. A month or two for larger projects.


I’ll be honest, most of my first drafts hit the mark or close to it the first time around, after which it’s just a matter of tweaking. But not always. That’s why I offer unlimited revisions for a period of up to one month after I submit the first draft – as long you don’t make any major changes in the direction of the copy.


Another thing I have to be honest about is my belief in what I do and how it will serve your business best. You’re not hiring me to do as I’m told; you’re hiring me because of my expertise. That means we may not always immediately agree on everything and may even find ourselves on opposite sides of major choices.


Don’t worry, those situations usually end up in us reaching a happy consensus where we’re both proud of and excited by the end result

Having trouble getting customers to click “Buy”?

Have you done everything right but you just can’t seem to get buyers? Guess what? You need compelling copy.

"Brian's strengths are his big strategic and creative ideas, his holistic perspective and his customer-centric thinking."


"He’s got a keen stylistic sense and an unfailing ability to cut to the meat of the matter. He and his team built my brand from scratch and laid out an actionable marketing strategy."


– Dave Smith

   CEO & Founder, Present With Power

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